The origin of life.

The origin of life. The elixir of life. So much more than just a molecule. But for all, water for itself celebrates a perfect understatement. Tasteless - more or less -, colorless - more or less, and invisible - more or less.
It is that -More or Less- what interests me since my early photographic days. Like Exoplanets only can be discovered in an indirect way, through searching the ambit for an impact of its existence, water only comes to life, and mainly to our eyes - through ambient influences. When the sky or the surrounding scenery mirrors and reflects on a water surface or additives like algae or bacteria color the colorless substance. When time gets visible in the flow of a river and opens a whole world of photographic opportunities literally along the way. As if, this were not enough, the solid state of aggregation known as snow or ice is capable of changing the surface of the world completely. Water has the power to form the land and the landscape. My focus is the water, but when it comes to landscapes, you should have in mind, that the landscape looks the way it is, because of the water. Of course, water is political, ecological and in any case essential. Water is enchanting, an ocean of variations, an abyss of beauty.